Surviving as a new project manager in a complex organization

You need internet access, a computer and headphones. We use Zoom via an encrypted connection. Link to the webinar is in your confirmation.

Have you recently started a career as a Project Manager?

We know how it feels!

Amazing, interesting, but also challenging.

We would like to share our experience and build a ‘Survival list’ with you that would help any new project manager at the beginning of the journey.

Starting a career as a Project Manager you may feel challenged, and you are not alone. We would like to share some of the challenges and lessons learned from our experiences as new Project Managers and how we managed to overcome them.

In the second part of the webinar, we are creating small breakout rooms in where each team can discuss their challenges and brainstorm the best solutions for the problem they faced.

Together we discuss the results and update our „Survival list” that you can take with you which might help you to overcome some of your existing or future challenges on your journey.

You will get a great awareness of the challenges faced by new Project Managers and a "Survival list” that might help you to overcome them.

18:00 Welcome and Introduction
18:10 Our main challenges
18:30 The Survival List
18:45 Breakout rooms
19:15 Discuss Results
19:25 Conclusion
19:30 End of webinar

The speakers of the webinar are Ildiko Gergely and Torge Oeverdiek.

Ildiko Gergely managing ERP Implementation Projects for complex organizations. She is 32 years old and based in Dublin, Ireland.

Torge Oeverdiek is managing New Product Development Projects for an EV component supplier. He is 24 years old and based in Hamburg, Germany.

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